TAP Teen/Adult: Tap classes instill rhythm, timing, and a broad tap vocabulary in Classic Broadway Style, Jazz Tap, and Contemporary Tap.  Classes are infused with inspiration from American Jazz music and syncopation, as well as International & Pop/Soul Rhythms.  1 hr.

GENTLE CONTEMPORARY:  Coming Soon! Adult dancers of all ages explore Modern & Contemporary dance styles in a healthy and easy-on-the-body manner. Stretch, strength, alignment, floor-barre technique, breath, release, and understanding anatomy for movement are all parts of this very personal dance class. Explore your creativity and self-expression in a supportive and non-competitive environment. 1 hr  

BalleTONE Teen/Adult:  Coming Soon!  Feel beautiful and gain poise as you get in shape using ballet barre and floor exercises!  Taught with gentle consideration of the needs of adult learners.  1 hr.