GERMINATION (Pre-K,K), EMERGENCE (Grades 1-7), EVOLUTION (Adult/Teen), COMPANY (Pre-Teen & Teen Performers) 

Spirals curriculum is designed to foster independence, confidence, creative curiosity, and a strong work ethic.  All students, from the youngest (3) to the teens/adults learn the art of dance through choreography, improvisation, and the give and take of supportive feedback.  Spirals dancers develop expressive skills and understanding as they mature, rather than lose the playful and experimental qualities that training often stifles.  At the same time, the discipline of understanding body mechanics and strengthening skill is key to the marriage of art and athletics we find in dance.  Talent is work!


This joyful introduction to dance mixes structure and creative play to build skill and love of movement among our most impressionable and earnest young dancers.  Taught at 2 distinct levels: for preschoolers (ages 3-5) and kindergarteners (ages 5-6), the hour classes consist of pre-ballet, creative exercises, stretch and coordination, body awareness/anatomy vocabulary, rhythm through tap, and social skills for dance and life!  Fun themes and props enhance creativity and rituals for class.   Age appropriate spacial patterns, rhythms, and expectations distinguish the levels as well as distinct jazz & ballet vocabulary added for kindergarteners.  All dancers present both a ballet/jazz and a tap piece at our Spring Recital.    1 Hour


Elementary school children (Grades 1-3, 4-6) study dance styles in greater depth.  90 minutes of class is divided into 3 disciplines:  ballet/lyrical, jazz/modern, and tap.  Dancers learn warmup, cross-the-floor, and combinations in each style area.  The focus is on fun, group dynamics, and individual growth as we prepare choreography for both informal presentations and Recital.  At Spirals we place a special focus on empowering children to create and respect the art of dance and artistry of each other.  We make a practice of sharing during class, and taking creative challenges through choreography games.  All students learn to give and take constructive feedback and to be a great partner or group member.    (Ballet is taught in conjunction with the more expressive and upbeat style of lyrical jazz so as to promote love of dance as the strict regime of ballet training is being introduced in the early grades.  Those dancers with a passion for training can audition for Company for more discipline.)     1.5 hours


We are unique and wonderful team of committed dancers at 3 Levels: MINI (6-8), JUNIOR (9-12), and SENIOR (13+).  Members study Contemporary technique, which combines elements of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz.  All dancers are required to study an additional 1-3 hours of Ballet weekly at Spirals or any local dance studio.  We offer, and highly recommend, an additional tap class to enhance musicality and timing.   All Company members are encouraged to develop a Solo in the style of their choice, to maximize their personal learning and creative experience for the dance year.

Spirals Dance Company focuses on preparing compelling dance pieces for performance, competition, and charity.  We strive for excellence and an original point of view to share with our community and the larger dance world.  Dance can make a difference, and Spirals Dance Companies are dedicated to growth, mutual support among age levels, and honoring both old and new in the exciting world of dance.  2015-16 Dance Convention Trips may include NYCDA  Denver (New York City Dance Alliance), and Cathy Roe's Ultimate Dance in Albuquerque.


Contemporary  The most essential class for all dance students today.  Assuming a ballet base, this class teaches foundational modern techniques including the Humphrey/Limon style which emphasizes natural movements of the body and abstract shapes.  Self-expression and choreography become second nature in this dynamic creative setting.  The elements of choreography: body movements, space, energy, and time are explored through Modern warm-up and meaningful Contemporary compositions.  All students in this class learn to take ownership of their own movement, emotional expression, and creative potential in addition to building group dynamics and partnering skills.   Each class prepares 1 or 2 dance pieces for performance.  Minis 1 hr., Juniors 1.5 hrs., Seniors 2 hrs.

Ballet Technique                                                                                                       

Company members must be enrolled in a regular ballet class, either at Spirals or another studio.  All levels perform together in our Recital Ballet Production.              

Level I-II:  This classical Ceccete based training focuses on the proper mechanics of the body through barre, center, floor progressions, and choreography.  

Level III-IV:  Technique plus Pre-Pointe/Pointe (ages 12+ by permission) advances technical skills and also strengthens & trains ballet dancers in the art of dancing en pointe, or wearing toe shoes.  Dancers must possess a specific level of physical maturity, strength & experience.     2 hrs


Suggested for all Company Members.  Rhythm and timing are invaluable elements of dance.  Creating rhythms and developing complex rhythmic understanding and agility develop both body and mind.                                                         


TAP 1,2,3 Teen/Adult:  These recreational/non-competitive class instills rhythm, timing, and teaches a broad tap vocabulary with a Contemporary vibe.  This class is infused with inspiration from American Jazz music and syncopation, as well as International & Pop/Soul Rhythms.  The teen class prepares a tap piece for Recital Recital.    90 min.                                         

Contemporary Teen/Adult:  Broaden your dance fundamentals in this well-rounded, fun class.  Stretch, centering, breath, and strengthening progress into creative and interesting combinations that grow as you grow.  Accessible to many levels of dancer; individual growth, expression, & challenge are encouraged.  1 hr.

Solo Salsa Teen/Adult:  Learn salsa basics while getting a fun workout.  Exercises include some merengue and cha cha cha, but go further than a Zumba class in detailing salsa variations.  Classes will prepare you to venture onto the dance floor at a local club if you dare!  No partner required.  1 hr.

Ballet, Ballet Barre  This classical Ceccete based training focuses on the proper mechanics of the body through barre, center, floor progressions, and choreography.  Taught with gentle consideration of the needs of adult learners 40+.  60 - 90 min.