The youngest dancers enjoy an exciting introduction to dance with pre-ballet, creative movement, and 20 minutes of tap.  Students learn about how their bodies move, social skills for dance, rhythm and coordination.  Each trimester at Spirals ends with a performance held right in the beautiful Casablanca space.  All dancers participate and may purchase professional DVD's.  FALL: Day of the Dead/Halloween Party, WINTER: Santa Fe World Holiday Spectacular, SPRING:  Spirals Recital

GERMINATION 1 Pre-K ages 3-5: 1 hr./week

GERMINATION 2 Kindergarten ages 5-6:  1hr./week


Elementary school children study dance styles in greater depth.  90 minutes of class is divided into 3 disciplines:  ballet/lyrical, jazz/modern, and tap.  Dancers learn warmup, cross-the-floor, and combinations in each style area.  The focus is on fun, group dynamics, and individual growth as we prepare choreography for both informal presentations and Recital.  At Spirals we place a special focus on empowering children to create and respect the art of dance and artistry of each other.  We make a practice of sharing during class, and taking creative challenges through choreography games.  All students learn to give and take constructive feedback and to be a great partner or group member.   Ballet is taught in conjunction with the more expressive and upbeat style of lyrical jazz so as to promote love of dance.  1.5 - 1 3/4 hrs.

EMERGENCE 1 Grades 1-3 or beginning/intermediate youth: 1.5 hrs./week (ballet 30 min., jazz 30 min., tap 30 min.)

EMERGENCE 2 Grades 4-6 or intermediate/advanced youth  1 3/4 hrs/week (ballet 45 min., jazz 30 min., tap 30 min.)

MODERN FOR KIDS Grades 3-7 1hr./week


TAP Teen/Adult:  Coming Soon!  Tap classes instill rhythm, timing, and teaches a broad tap vocabulary with a Contemporary vibe.  Classes are infused with inspiration from American Jazz music and syncopation, as well as International & Pop/Soul Rhythms.  1 hr.

CONTEMPORARY/HIP HOP:  Teen  Intermediate & Advanced dancers stay current and expand their creative range in both Street and Contemporary styles in this dynamic team-taught class.  1 hr

BalleTONE Teen/Adult:  Coming Soon!  Feel beautiful and gain poise as you get in shape using ballet barre and floor exercises!  Taught with gentle consideration of the needs of adult learners.  1 hr.