2016 Summer Session is 8 weeks during June & July.  Payment is due before the first class. We accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, and Cash.  Return checks are subject to a charge of $35.00.  Upon request arrangements can be made to divide payments in half.  All students must Register (below) and submit Release Forms, but there only a Registration fee for the school year, and none for summer.


  1. Please fill in this form, including Program and Class selection, and click the "submit" button.  Adult students should enter their names and phone # in BOTH the dancer and parent spaces.
  2. Go to the FORMS page and complete the Liability/Media release.  This form stays in our records for the duration of your studies at Spirals.
  3. Go to the PAYMENTS page and indicate your payment method.   You will find the class prices in the drop menus for each type of program.  You may also pay instantly on this page using PayPal.

Make checks payable to:  Ann Pelaez

Tuition rates are not combined for families enrolling more than one child.  Rates reflect per child/per class. A class discount occurs as a student takes more class hours.  

Refunds are not available for summer classes.  No portions of the tuition fees are refunded in the event of an absence, withdrawal or illness of a dancer.  Non-compliance with the agreed upon payment schedule will result in termination of student’s enrollment and legal action to collect all money due to Spirals. 

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